Bedec Multi Surface Paint (MSP)

At Bedec Paints, we provide a range of multi surface paints, whatever your requirements, we can assist. When it comes to bedec multi surface paints, you can trust that you’re in the right hands as all of our multi surface paint solutions are of top quality industry standards.

Bedec Multi Surface Paint Suppliers

Bedec multi surface paint is quick drying, new generation, water based, non-yellowing paint which is designed for use on a wide range of surfaces. There’s no need for a primer when you use MSP as a wood or timber coating. Bedec multi surface paint is ideal for use in the home or garden and can be used on a variety of substrates and furniture.

Water based gloss paints don’t offer the same high sheen level as oil based paints, so if you require a sheen finish, then we suggest using bedec multi surface paint in satin instead of matt or gloss options.

Why use bedec multi surface paint?

Bedec multi surface paint is best used for the decoration and redecoration of old and new surfaces, as well as being available in a choice of colours. Bedec multi surface paint is ideal for providing a surface with a choice of matt, soft gloss or satin finish. Bedec multi surface paint can be applied directly to radiators, wood, plaster, MDF, masonry, melamine, ceramic tiles and plastics.

Bedec are renowned innovators of water-based paint finishes and manufacture the most frequently used trade paints like multi surface paint, barn paint, masonry and roof coats. Their bedec multi surface paint are becoming firm favourites with trade and DIY painters across the UK, they’re known for their ease of use, hard wearing and durable finish which is enhanced by the fact that many of the products can be applied over traditionally difficult surfaces, they reduce down time, enhance productivity, lower odours, are highly flexible and have non yellowing properties.

How to use bedec multi surface paint

Bedec multi surface paint can be applied using a brush, roller or spray, this award winning paint has a simple yet effective application process. The application method may vary depending on the surface you’re applying it to. Bedec multi surface paint has good drying time and can be relocated after just four hours.

Surface and environment

Bedec multi surface paint is perfect for use on wood and timber and is also suitable for painting almost any surface in the home garden or commercial environments. MSP is ideal for use on concrete, brick, rendering, asbestos, metal cladding, iron, steel, including galvanised, aluminium, lead, zin, copper, timber, asphalt, bitumen, ceramic tiles and most plastics like UPVC windows and drainpipes.

What bedec multi surface paint do I require?

Should you be unsure of what you’re looking for, simply contact our team of trained and experienced technical staff who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and recommend the right bedec multi surface product for your needs.